Consider finishing last year's goals instead

The new year seems to be that magical point in the timeline where we set new goals for the next 12 months. Because of changes and unexpected life events in 2019, I was set off course for a bit. It took some time to get back on track. I didn’t finish some of the goals I had set for myself in December 2018 and I’m ok with that. I’m gonna keep chugging along with some of the same goals I had set for last year.

Have you finished your 2019 goals? That’s great! Set your sights on to new goals. If you haven’t had fully achieved your 2019 goals, why not keep working on them? Slow and steady wins the race…

One other article about goals discusses analyzing last year’s goals and recalibrating them. Maybe a new focus, a new direction, or different mindset is needed to complete a goal that wasn’t finished last year.