Congrats to Free Agent, Justin DiRose

Congrats on the new stage of your life, @justindirose!

I remembered taking the plunge a long time ago, leaving the University after 10 years of close relationships, common goals, and great lunch dates.

This blog post sums it up…

We’re always looking for new adventures. It’s funny where Life takes us sometimes. We go down paths we never really saw until we got to the fork in the road.

Good travels to you. And to possible free agents in the future, you’ll never now what it’s like. When you’re ready, prepare for the moment and seize the day! Carpé diem.


Thanks Wilson. It’s been a crazy ride so far and it’s just started!!!


I can understand Justins new fork in the road, to another adventure in life. I worked for a company for 25 years. Now, seeking a new career which is very challenging being 55 today in a job market. Age is not kind.

All the best Justin, and blessings!