Coming back to OmniFocus

What I’m reading

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers
I just picked this one up this morning. I’ve heard it recommended form multiple sources and want to know what the interest is all about. Looks like a quick read, too.

Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer
I just started this one last night as part of a men’s group I’ve joined this summer. I mentioned a while back as being added to my list and have a strong interest in Tozer’s writings. So I’m pretty excited to be going through this with a group of men.


WTW - 29: Back to a Digital Task Manager
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my install of OmniFocus 3. Well, Drew and I decided to devote an entire episode to it.

Books added to the list

Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy
Mike mentioned this when we were recording Bookworm this past week. It occurred to me that I’ve never read this and yet it’s one talked about as a core productivity book quite often. My only hesitation is that it seems like a great book for those new to productivity. I don’t consider myself new to the space so I worry that this will just be a repeat of things I’ve already learned.

Interesting Productivity Guild topics

Prepare the day before so I don’t have to panic tomorrow
I love the concept here. Spend some time today setting things up for tomorrow so that when it arrives you can sit down in the cockpit and focus.

The One Thing Continuing to Rob My Focus
Emotional overwhelm. It’s not something I see discussed very often, but Justin does a great job outlining his experience and struggles to focus when this overwhelm strikes.

I downloaded OmniFocus 3 for iOS… :grimacing:
I started this one. If you want the rationale behind it, check out the latest Whims That Work for a full rundown. This topic, however, discusses the one thing about OmniFocus 3 I really don’t care for: tags.

What’s a good way to get into mind-mapping?
I’ve never been much of a mind-mapper. I see others lavish praise on the concept and the tools they use for it, but I find the apps too restrictive. But outside the tool discussion is the “why” behind the use of mind-maps. That’s where this discussion jumps in.

OmniFocus On-The-Go
Wilson takes us on a tour of his On-The-Go perspective in OmniFocus. It’s an interesting take on how to see your errands and traveling tasks.

Links of Interest

I’ve been using SetApp now for about 9 months. The apps I have installed from the service have started to become vital to how I operate. It’s even become necessary to review the list of apps on a monthly basis just to see what’s new and play around with apps I haven’t considered yet. If anything, the convenience factor is well worth the money.

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