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My boss wants to digitize the client meeting note-taking process. We currently use a printed worksheet, which the admin scans and saves in the client’s file. I’m recommending an iPad with Apple Pencil and annotating the worksheet in GoodNotes.

He’s not opposed to Apple products, but he’s not a fan either. He’s also considering a similar workflow using a Surface, Pen, and OneNote.

Anyone have any other ideas, workflows, or preferences? Thanks!

Some clarifying questions:

  • Are we talking needing to annotate a PDF of some sort, or can the notes be redesigned digitally?
  • Where do these need to get stored? Could they be in a cloud service or do they need to be local on a business server or something?

Good questions.

  1. Either way. He’s used to printed form, but I’d like to see us have a digital form that automates processing (see below).
  2. Either way, but probably preferably cloud. He wants easy acces for our admin, who isn’t incredibly tech savvy (none of us are, truly). The idea is to have the meeting, take the notes, then have the admin transfer the notes into the client’s file (this is the part I’d like to see as automated as possible).

You could always look at a tool like Notion, but since that’s cloud-hosted by another company, there may be issues if you’re dealing with financial info at all.

Other than that, a combo of iPads and Surfaces could work really well for what you’re talking about. If we’re just looking at annotating a document, both devices have great apps for doing that right on the document. It wouldn’t be too hard to export those into a filesystem somewhere.

Scotty Jackson from likes to use the Agenda app for all of his meeting notes.

They have a Discourse forum for the Agenda app which is available on Mac and iOS.

Here’s another option, supposedly even more paper-like.
I’ve been tempted, but never had hands on one.

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I’ve been tempted, too. Here’s a good review.


Make it stop! Now I want one to play with… :slight_smile:

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Look better than the somewhat scathing review I read from a couple of years ago. It seems most concerns have been addressed.

Yeah, that’s my take as well.

I use Agenda for this too. I have a TextExpander snippet (so that it operates on Mac and iOS equally) that prompts for all the key items for a meeting record – attendee, agenda, etc. – and sets that data into a markdown-based template. I create a note associated with the calendar event in Agenda, run the snippet, and away we go