Channels of Work

I bought Kourosh Dini’s book on OmniFocus a while back and one of the pieces I remember struggling with was his concept of Land & Sea channels of work. I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier, but I stumbled across his explanation of the concept here:

I struggled as well with this until I read “Getting Results the Agile Way,” book based on Asian Efficiency and then it clicked. I will check out the article to see if I got it “right”.

I like it. I use Art of War instead of Land and Sea since I feel I am going to battle on getting stuff done more than Land and Sea since it doesn’t resonate with me.

I can’t say that this approach works for me at all. I think I’m better off reviewing my Areas of Responsibility regularly over an attempt to group projects by channel. Though I have to admit that it does make me stop and reconsider how I go about my process.

I’m just too lazy to try to set this up in OmniFocus. Oftentimes, I’ll just create a checklist spreadsheet for this. Then I’ll print it out and place it on my desk. I’ll check off a box for each day I work on a number of other projects.

There’s just something different that clicks in my head when I use a paper checklist to make sure I’m up to date on other dangling projects that I might ignore.

But I have been experimenting with using my spreadsheet as a digital checklist. It’s outside of OmniFocus but it’s still on my computer. I tend to use Apple Numbers so that I can have it on my iCloud drive. This gives me the ability to use it with Apple Numbers on my iPad or on my Mac.

I control-click on the project and select “Copy as Link.” I paste the URL link into my Apple Numbers spreadsheet. When I click on the URL link, it will jump to OmniFocus and go to the project that I want to work on. Fast and easy.

Now I know that there might be some grumbling about having to use yet “another” app to do the work. But in this case, I think Apple Numbers works better as a checklist that resides outside of OmniFocus. You can use the Land and Sea method but I just like using routine checklists outside OmniFocus.

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First off, I didn’t know Numbers could do checkboxes. :astonished:

I wish there was less push back on this. Sometimes it’s better to use multiple apps. Features aren’t the only aspect to consider. There are also mindsets involved.

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