Capture help

Capture help

Ok, I’m looking for a better way to capture links to process later.

Here is the situation, I’m listening to a podcast and they have a link to an ios app. I click on the link it takes me to the App Store and then I share it to OmniFocus as a task. I assumed that it would be easy to export the information into DevonThink.

I haven’t had good luck with DevonThink to go and syncing it with my Mac. Issue was i wasn’t spending enough time in DevonThink to go and it seemed to be always syncing.

What I would like to do is copy the OF task information task title and notes. I’ve currently have tagged the items I want out with a specific tag. IOS App Links and I have a custom perspective that shows just this tagged tasks.

I’m looking to avoid manually creating an item in DevonThink. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


Is there a reason you’re sharing to OmniFocus first instead of to DEVONthink if you know it’s going to end up there in the first place?

Unfortunately, I’m personally inexperienced with DT, but maybe @rosemary or someone else has an idea?

Justin, mostly because I wasn’t having good luck with DTTG syncing with my Mac DT databases. Syncs would get stuck and I’m not always in DTTG so it seemed that there was always a lot to sync. After the Capture help post I’m starting to look into improving my DT setup. But I still need to “export” the IOS app link tasks out of OF. I’m hoping there is a way to automate those tasks into DTTG or automate on the Mac as well.


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