Business collaboration plaform?

Hi Justin: I thought Notion would be an “all-in-one” for projects, tasks, notes, collaboration, etc. But in today’s world, I have become cynical with information stored on company servers.

Question? You are in business, so what collaboration platform do you use with your customers?

Current Tools:

  1. DEVONthink - storage
  2. Omnifocus - small projects & tasks
  3. Obsidian - Notes & [[linking]] them - trying out to see if it is a fit.
  4. Logseq - quick notes - again seeing if it is a fit.
  • Use Backblaze for backing up everything
  • For an organizational structure, I am looking into the PARA Method by Tiago Forte. The young people call this “old school”

For my day job, we use Discourse :slight_smile:

But for here at ERW, I’m a solopreneur. Right now my main stack looks like this:

  • Obsidian
  • Todoist
  • A Notebook

That’s really it. Sometimes you gotta just experiment to see what works for you. And if you like something, stick with it! There is no perfect system or tool. Never will be either!

I should add that I’ve been eying Asana lately, mainly for it’s ability to put work in the broader context of a goal or effort. That’s one thing that’s been lacking for me lately – many tools are focused on the ground level but I need something that can give me a bird’s eye view.

What do you use for storing documents, articles, receipts, etc? eg. DEVONthink

I like your tools. Minimalist Style! Something I will consider moving forward.

I use Cryptomator and Dropbox. Pretty simple :smiley: I have DEVONthink, and index it on my Mac but I need something cross-platform.

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Cryptomator would be an alternative to Backblaze. Simple is sometimes best! Thanks again for your valued insight, greatly appreciated!

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