Bullet Journal

I did read several other posts on this topic, but I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s thread.

I’ve just picked up the bullet journal branded version of the Leuchtturm1917 medium sized hard cover in black of course. I liked most of the ways it’s does things and wanted to just start with a set way of doing things and find out while I go what works and what doesn’t. And even after a day or two I’ve found a few things I’ve added like food tracking.

I am complementing is this journal with Fantastical. If something has a specific date and time it goes directly to Fantastical.

My plan is to have this replace picking up my phone 200 times per day. And yes I have all notifications off.

Also for the first 4 blank pages after the index and future log, I made lists that I can add to over the year. Such as shows/movies to watch, places to visit, Xmas/birthday lists ( I have 3 boys plus me and the wife so it takes a whole page ) and one blank just for ideas. I like having these at the front so I can find them quickly.

If the thing is a task for today or tomorrow without a specific time it write it down, and then at the end of the day I scan to see what is not done and carry it over.

I have a full time job away from home. So this is probably not for free agents with lots of projects and blocked time. But so far it’s been good.

I think getting a nice notebook is hand in hand with looking at better then the free pens from work and hotels and all the other random pens I have now. I’ve started with a Zebra f-701 and have added a Lamy Vista fine fountain pen to my Xmas list.

I’d post more, but I am new so only one pic of my daily page for now.


I totally missed responding to this post. Thanks for sharing your setup!

How has the Bullet Journal been working out for you? Are you still using it? How has your setup evolved?

When starting a new experiment, I would always advise to build it up slowly. Trying to add too many elements into the Bullet Journal will make it complicated. Add a new bullet journal module after you’ve added a current experiment.

Please continue posting some of your new experiments. I’d love to follow up and try out some of the new things you’ve done with your Bullet Journal!

My current experiment is using Keyboard Maestro. Hopefully, next up will be Siri Shortcuts. Then I have different choices with the Bullet Journal on my list!