Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

Guild members Rosemary Orchard and Ryan Dotson wrote a book about OmniFocus that’s out today.


OmniFocus is a remarkably flexible app and can adapt to practically any workflow. As such, everyone must go through the process of building their own workflow with it, whether from scratch or based upon someone else’s. Build Your OmniFocus Workflow, written with the insight of two long-time OmniFocus users, offers practical advice on top of solid technical information. Ryan and Rose guide you through the basic concepts and perspectives of OmniFocus and into the more complex world of custom perspectives and automation. All throughout they give their own interpretations of how they use features in their workflows and finish the book with more details about how their systems work for them.

Build Your OmniFocus Workflow is available for a short time at launch for $25. The price will increase in the new year to $30.

The book is available for purchase at

Rose and Ryan both bring unique perspectives to the table. I’m excited to dig into this. If you’re an OmniFocus user, go pick up a copy yourself!

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