Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

Ryan Dotson (@nostodnayr) and myself have written a book about OmniFocus. It’s called Build Your OmniFocus Workflow.

We wrote it to be a kind of ‘missing manual’ for OmniFocus, so we wanted it to be really informative and to the point. More than that, though, we wanted it to help the reader in building or improving their workflow by understanding the features and concepts in OmniFocus. We take you through the basic concepts and perspectives of OmniFocus before taking on the complex world of custom perspectives and automation.

Frequently throughout the book Ryan and I drop in with our personal interpretations of features, showing you how we use them and how we handle different situations. At the end of the book we give you a more detailed look into our workflows, too. The book is also scattered with lots of tips and hints on how to use OmniFocus, the app, more effectively.

We’ve got a sample of the first chapter available from our web site. The book is currently on sale for US$25, but will go up to $30 in the new year.


Purchased it last night. If Rosemary wrote it, then I am buying it. Truly think this book willl enable me to get the most out of OmniFocus. Thanks again to Rosemary Orchard & Ryan Dotson! :+1::wink: