Braintoss vs Drafts?

I keep seeing Braintoss come up in random places and it seems to be picking up steam lately. But I can’t say I’ve ever understood how it’s better than Drafts. Folks continue trying to prove to me that it’s better than Drafts.

From where I stand, the only thing it does that Drafts doesn’t is voice and pictures. Voice is not something I use to capture things unless I’m driving. And then it’s going into Drafts via Siri/Reminders anyway. And pictures I’ll do with the normal camera and this fancy Workflow. So I don’t see these two as selling points. Which leaves it to text as the deciding factor.

For the text side of the argument, I would say Drafts is vastly superior. It uses URL Schemes to send data around AND has the ability to send emails to services. But Braintoss seems to only use email. I don’t see how that is better.

Has anyone played with Braintoss? Am I wrong in this? Surely I’m missing something.


I played with Braintoss and found it to be cumbersome. I went back to Drafts.

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If you already have a workflow for capturing, then Braintoss is not necessary.

I just go to the Photos app to process photos and Drafts for all my text inbox stuff.

I think Braintoss is helpful if you need a Drafts type app on Android.

I’ve been playing with Drafts’ voice capture. I guess it’s accurate enough but it’s a chore to try to figure out what I said and what Drafts/Siri thinks I said. Still can’t figure out why I have a drafts note that says “goat the cheese before I fly.” :dizzy_face:

I think Drafts felt intimidating at first because of the scriptability and the notion that you can do all kinds of things with your notes. Braintoss might be marketed as a simpler inbox for users.

Braintoss won’t be added to my tool box simply because I already have Drafts. But it might be something my wife would use. It’s an app for her ideas and photos of things she wants the buy. An inbox to hold everything that has no other storage bin to process into. She doesn’t want to hunt down that photo in the Photos app she took and can’t remember when she took that shot.


Agree with Wilson, Drafts 100%!

Hi there! :wave:

I’m a big ban of productivity tools and I’ve built a Productivity iPhone App with a similar functionality to send yourself reminders/notes on the go. The App is called Email Me App

The key benefits are:

  • Works offline (emails are sent once you’re back online)
  • Share Extension (email yourself links from other. Apps)
  • Watch App (email yourself notes from your watch)

If anyone wants to check it out and give me feedback . I can give a free promo code that gives access to the full version.

Thanks in advance! :pray:

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