Blackberry Key2 Phone - The Adult Working Phone

Please be kind, since this is not an apple product. I talk to people outside of America, and many of them use Android products, eg. types of phones, Blackberry Key1/Key2 or S9. Many of them have a disdain taste for Apple products, eg. price or it’s for kids to play games and watch videos, not work. When I do talk to the younger generation, they will say the number one reason they like the iPhone, is for movies, videos/games. The Blackberry crowd will say Blackberry is for adults. It is a working phone.


I’ve always thought that if the tool works for you, who cares what other people think?

I’ve been asked about why I have an iPhone and a Mac. I just shrug :man_shrugging:t2: and say it works for me and that’s all that matters. My Samsung friend likes to show off the new technology in whatever Galaxy phone or Note device he just bought. But I wonder if that new tech would actually help me or it’s just the shiny new toy right now.

I’m not familiar enough with the Blackberry market today. It was the media darling once upon a time. Now that it’s an android phone, is there anything that makes it stand out from Samsung phones or the Google Pixel?

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I was a heavy duty BB user from 2008-2012 . Grudginly I let go of my BB , now in 2018 , I’ve sufficiently adapted myself to touchscreen devices with swiftkey with decent speed.

As to your answer about work phone or not ? Simple perception.

Blackberry now uses Android as it’s OS and on top of that have built a plethora of helpful applications.

  1. Do I really love/need a physical keyboard enough to pay a premium for it?
  2. What are my current devices ?
  3. Which eco system am I currently in ? Do i want to change the eco system ?
  4. What’s my current work flow and can my device adapt to it ?
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