Between “Omni” and “Focus”: How I Use the OmniFocus 3 Forecast Tag

Hello there, Guild. I was ruminating on my choices for the new Forecast tag in OmniFocus 3, and before I knew it, it had turned into a blog post. Please enjoy and discuss:

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Welcome @ablaze! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s definitely another layer of data that takes careful thought how to handle in your system.

OmniFocus is a task manager for Apple devices that’s basically the productivity nerd equivalent of CrossFit, with all the fanaticism that entails. I am such a fanatic, and this is a blog post for my fellow parishioners in the Purple Church of Productivity.

This is my favorite description of OF users ever. :joy:


Aha! The man behind the microphone!

Thanks for illuminating your usage of the Forecast tag. It’s amazing what one single feature such as the Forecast Tag can do to change our usage of the app.

I’m finding so many different ways of using the Forecast Tag. I’m still torn between what to use the Forecast Tag for but I’ll eventually settle on one.

But I think I can change the use of the Forecast Tag depending on what I need this week. It might be my radar tag or a tag that shows my daily checklist. Or something wildly different.

Thanks for helping me consider using the Forecast Tag as a radar.