Best way to import a text list into Omnifocus 3

Best way to import a text list into Omnifocus 3

I have a text file with indented tasks that I would like to track in Omnifocus. But I’d really rather not copy/paste each line into OF manually (there are dozens). I currently have it in a text file and it looks something like this:

Top task
====Secondary task
========related tertiary task
====Secondary task 2
Top task 2

etc. (= is meant to be a space, but I can’t be bothered to convert them to something non-breaking…)

I’ve been debating importing the list into OmniOutliner and seeing if I can import it from there. But I figured I’d ask here to see if anyone had done something like this before I spend several hours going down a rabbit hole instead of actually working on the tasks.


What i’ve done before was to highlight all the text in the text file and then go the projects perspective in OmniFocus. Click on a task to select it. Now that the task is highlighted, I hit Command-V to paste in the clipboard contents. This creates a new task.

Is this a template that you’re copying into OF? I like to create a project in OF. Afterwards, I copy the project and the tasks using Edit > Copy as TaskPaper. Then paste that into a text file. This will keep all the other metadata such as tags, dates, and notes. To go even further, use it as a template with Drafts.

It’s a list of properties that I need to make sure I cover in a project I’m working on. I have the list in Ulysses, but I want to be able to check off each property when I know I’ve covered it.

What’s interesting is when I tried this the first time, it pasted all the contents into one task. But this time, it did exactly what I wanted. It must have known you were watching. :slight_smile:



Just as an addition, as you made it work already :slight_smile:

Formatting text using the taskpaper format will always make sure you can copy-paste it into OF directly.

Here’s a link to the description:

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Thanks. As you say I got it working, but I’m sure I’ll need it again before long. I like text and I like OF. :wink:

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That’s why my go to app for input is Drafts (both on iOS and macOS) :slight_smile:

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