Being Productive by Kourosh Dini

N.b. While not a book per se, this post seems to belong here.

I found Kourosh Dini’s Being Productive very helpful. His approach is different from most others I’ve read about. It’s a more caring approach to doing good work. For instance, one of the things to do before beginning a task is to pause. Pause to consider what you are about to do. This pause helps develop the context for what you will be working on, and helps focus your intentions. After you have worked and before switching to something else, leave a breadcrumb trail that will help you continue the work when you return.

I’m paraphrasing a lot, but these were my big takeaways for my first pass through the course. After watching these videos, I immediately bought everything Dini has made available. I really like his methodology. The videos themselves are calm and minimal, with subtle animations, and no talking heads.

Trailer for the course

Being Productive by Kourosh Dini

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