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We’ve launched our first ever Patreon campaign here at Effective Remote Work!

Long term, we’ll be replacing our Pro membership with Patreon, but don’t worry – existing Pro members will get the benefits of our Patreon members as well.

We currently have one Patron tier:

  • Community Supporter - $3/mo - this includes access to our private, remote worker Discord chat and a badge on the community announcing your support.
  • Pro Supporter - $7/mo - all Community Supporter benefits, plus:
    • access to our members-only Behind the Process podcast
    • the ability to join monthly office hours sessions with Justin
    • special access to the Pro archives on the community

If you do sign up, be sure to use the same email address you used for your account here, as that will ensure all the perks sync up.

If you’ve enjoyed being a part of this community or have gotten valuable information from the podcast, be sure to become a Patron!


@justindirose Gladly. Done!

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Welcome @norm – thanks for the patronage! Super glad to have you!