Asking "Why?"


This is a question that’s been on my mind a lot lately. “Why” serves many purposes.

  • Why can be a question of motive — why are am I doing this?
  • Why can be a question of clarification — why is this important to me?
  • Why can be a question of digging deeper — why do I struggle with this particular problem?

I’ve had some experience with this question lately which I’ll expound on in next week’s episode of Process.

My question to you is — how are you asking yourself why?

Asking why can be a great way to be mindful of yourself and your actions, feelings, and surroundings.

Why is at the core of personal development. Without understanding why, it’s difficult to make lasting changes to your life.

If you haven’t made a regular practice of asking why, I’d encourage you to start.


[YouTube] Obsidian vs Notion: Which is Better? — Notion recently launched its new linking and backlink features. How do they work, how do they stack up against Obsidian, and should you switch?


Start With Why by Simon Sinek — A great book about what drives leaders (and people) all centered around knowing “why.”

That’s all for this week!

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