Asian Efficiency

Thanh Pham is the founder and Brooks Duncan works with him.
Cost is expensive to me, $49.00 per month or today $350.00 for a one year subscription.
Thoughts? positive or negative
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As one year subscription? I think you are referring to the Asian Efficiency dojo?

I would think of this like a gym membership. My gym membership is about this price. If I am spending this much, I will make sure to get my money’s worth by going to the gym and using it as much as possible. I schedule time every week to exercise and take advantage of the coaches and exercise equipment.

I hire the coach at the gym to help me build a proper workout routine with tips about diet, exercise form (so I don’t injure myself using the equipment), and answer any other questions I might have.

I’ve seen this membership as an incentive. If I’m spending this money, I’d better get off my butt and actually utilize it. I’ve never been inside but I think you can try it for a month just to test the waters to see if it is right for you.

You can always stop and sign up again. If you do try, bring back a status report and tell us what you’ve done. I’m curious to hear from you again!

I’ve never used it so I can’t recommend it.

My subscription finished a couple of weeks ago but didnt use it much over the past year. Only a couple of courses. if you are a novice it is worth the money, if not I wouldn’t join

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I was a member for about 2 years (about $30/month at the time, 2017-2019).

I found some of the material very useful and some very interesting forum discussions, so I’d say it was worthwhile. I got quite a lot out of it in the way of ideas and some useful techniques over the first year or so, but then I found that I was getting progressively less, so I eventually cancelled.

The quality of materials and discussion is pretty good, if it fits your way of thinking. I’m not a productivity obsessive - I do not spend time looking for ways to crank my efficiency by another small amount. As long as I’m more or less on top of my tasks and responsibilities, I’m OK. A certain amount of AE is aimed at honing technique in detail, big concentration on routines and some support for the “start the day at 4am” model.

There’s a lot of good material on Omnifocus, if you use that.

If you really need it, or you have the cash available, I’d say it’s worth a look.

If you have any questions, ask away