Apple Watch: Revisiting a Complicated Question

Apple Watch: Revisiting a Complicated Question

In my previous topic, I concluded that I was going to abandon the Apple Watch.

Well, you can about imagine what this topic is about…

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about getting an Apple Watch again. The Series 4 fixes a lot of problems I had with the Gen 1 version (hardware and software wise anyway). Instead of jumping in, I’ve been trying to come up with actual use cases.

Use Cases

  • Exercise: The idea of closing rings is appealing to me right now with focusing on my health.
  • Urgent Notifications: I’m going to be traveling a bit for work, and I really like the idea of having them come to my wrist versus potentially missing them in my pocket.
  • Prompts: I like the idea of using Due or OmniFocus to prompt me at times during the day to do things.
  • Information Availability: Instead of needing to look at my phone or open an app, I could easily see weather, routine tasks to do for the day, and other quick pieces of info right from the watch face.


My wife thinks this is just an interest fad and will subside after a few weeks. And then I’ll be annoyed by feeling “connected” all the time. She’s probably right about that, as that’s why I originally ditched the Apple Watch in the first place. On the flip side, I found this to be true when I was using Safari and Email on my phone even without the watch.

What are your thoughts? Is the Apple Watch worth a productivity experiment?

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I’ll align with your wife on this one. I think you’ll still feel very connected with the watch. I have ALL notifications off except iMessage. I really wish I could disable even iMessage except for specific contacts. But it sometimes still makes me feel more connected than I want.

The things I love about the watch:

  • Audio controls while driving
  • Quick glance of calendar events & tasks
  • Weather. Man I love weather data.
  • URGENT notifications

The things I don’t like:

  • Even with minimal notifications there are more than I’d like sometimes.
  • Slow network connection at times. I try to just leave my phone at my desk a lot but then I go to reply to a text message and Siri takes 15 seconds to transcribe the message.

If you do want to try it, I’d say buy it from Apple or a store that doesn’t have restocking fees.

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I’ve basically already done this on my phone by turning off all sound/vibration for notifications and setting a custom vibration pattern for those I want to pass through (read: my wife). But I wish there was a VIP setting for Messages like there is for Mail and phone calls… ahem Apple

I’ve toyed with the idea of keeping all notifications off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is a good point. I’ll keep this in mind.

In the same boat a little. My choices would be to:

  1. Wait until September - new watch will likely be announced (i.e. new shiny!), or;
  2. Buy from NON Apple store so the commitment is real (i.e. can’t take it back)

I like the integration but sometimes the notifications do bug me, even when driving and having the taps telling me which way to turn on my wrist. Maybe I’m getting too old for this … you know!

I have a Garmin now as I run " a bit" and I do get notifications on that. Problem is, I can’t do anything but pull my phone out if I need/want to do something. The AW solves that 100%

Also, the Garmin has solid push buttons to start and stop exercises etc which is very definite. The times I’ve used The AW when I owned one and repeatedly tapped “stop workout” to get it just right is annoying (that said, the PBs are rare these days! :expressionless: )

@justindirose I’d be keen to see how you play this out (watching) … :grinning:

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It’s fairly easy to turn off the turn by turn notifications on the watch. I did cause it’s a battery drain when I don’t really need it.

Turn by turn is one of my favorite Apple Watch features! I actually miss it (though I rarely use driving directions where I live).

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This is true and I am sure if I wasn’t in my home town I’d use them to help me navigate in a foreign city. And, I know I can turn any or all notifications but the dilemma is then “why have the watch?” Yes! I’m fickle like that. :smiley: It’s that middle ground between being connected or not.

I’m learning also to be more mindful (meditate am n pm) and somehow the watch feels in conflict with that. That said, I do have my Garmin which also gets notifications and, as I said above, can be more frustrating because you can’t respond if you want to. You have to pull your phone out.

I’ve even thought about experimenting going watch only. I can communicate, pay for stuff, run etc all with just the watch if I really want to go that far.

See? Fickle! :wink:

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I’m still wrestling with this choice, and it’s really drawing my attention as of late.


  • Stay available for messages/calls without my phone on me
  • Less likely to miss important notifications (which are the only ones that get through on my phone right now anyway)
  • No infinite feeds available
  • Exercise without a bulky phone in my pocket
  • Hands free capability (as MN is now a hands-free state for mobile use while driving)
  • I feel like it’s a near must-have while traveling
  • Silent wakeup alarm


  • Always connected :frowning:
  • Expensive to upgrade
  • Cellular is also expensive (though would seem to be helpful)