Apple Watch has jumped the shark

Apple Watch 1. iPhone 8.

After the iOS 12 update, my Apple Watch has decided that it knows best what faces I should have. If I delete them or change them it puts them back when I put it on the charger at night. I’ve changed them on both the watch and the iPhone.

Before I stop using the Watch altogether, does anyone have any suggestions for how I can kick it so that it will acknowledge that it is connected to my iPhone and my iPhone tells it what to do?

I don’t want the exercise face as the default. I already know that I’m a slug! :wink:

I’ve never seen this happen but I would try the ever fun nuke and pave.

Unpair your watch from the Watch iOS app and then re-pair but don’t restore from a backup. Start fresh.

This is assuming you’ve already tried to restart the watch and phone?

I’m still not in the Apple Watch bandwagon yet. It has improved since Series Zero but I’m gonna sit on the fence for a little while longer. The sync between iPhone and watch still seems to linger as developers are still trying to figure out the Apple Watch.

How many of you folks have finally gone all in and have your experiences with syncing been very good or has it been flaky? I’m curious…

I might be the odd one out, but I can’t remember the last time I had a sync issue. Series 4 has also drastically increased my watch usage as the watch has almost no noticeable lag now.

A couple of ideas.

When you put the Watch on the charger it turns on the nightstand display. Which looks like a “different face” but doesn’t change the face you normally use off-charger. I think this can be disabled in Settings.

It’s very easy to touch the Watch on the left or right edge and inadvertently swipe over to a different face – at first I didn’t realize I was doing this and thought the Watch was changing faces by itself, and I even reconfigured thinking my preferred face had been deleted. It wasn’t the Watch’s fault – it was my finger’s fault :smile:

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Nope, that’s not it.

I went into the iPhone app and removed the faces from my watch, and they came back.

I also went onto the watch and long-pressed on the faces until I had the customize option, then I swiped up to delete them from the watch.

— and they came back.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I am now lobbying for an Apple Watch 4 for xmas… Of course, I also want air pods… So I suspect I’ll have to get used to disappointment. :slight_smile:


I didn’t have this exact issue, but my series 1 has had a ton of issues since watchOS 5 honestly the issues were making me think about selling the watch and going with a fitbit or Withings watch. Issues included not recognizing my watch in the morning after charging, apps taking minutes to load or failing repeatedly, having to reboot the watch every morning to clear most issues, but not all. The fix was as someone stated above to unpair and repair the watch with my phone. I did setup from the backup and it fixed the issues so try either restart setting and it should work.

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thanks to all who replied.

I’ll reboot/restore the watch. Hopefully that works.

Of course, now I’m used to the analog face that it’s defaulting to, so I’ll probably just leave that alone. (Yes, I subscribe to the “productivity through apathy” style of self-management…) :smile:


When that happened to me, apple support said to unpair the watch then pair it and set it up as a new watch. Try that

Interestingly, inertia and lack of time conspired in a positive way this time…

In other words, I did nothing - the plan was this weekend to reset the watch. And today I put on my watch and it’s back to the way I set it before the last update. All my complications are back the way they were before.

Hurray! :smile:

What I imagine was that there was some wonkiness that arrived with iOS 12 that were then resolved with 12.1.

That or the elves put down the shoes for the night.

Thanks to everyone for your advice and suggestions!