Apple Watch and Siri Face

I like to think of my watch as a tool in my productivity toolbox. I can see my next appointment, check the weather, check off a task, etc…
I was extremely excited when watch os5 allowed 3rd party apps on the Siri face. However this has been a disappointment. The only card that shows throughout the day is carrot weather. Omnifocus is a no show, you have to spin the crown backwards to see tasks in Things, and Todoist doesn’t seem to work at all.
I felt a little excited when fantastical updated their app and added integration with the Siri face. So far, let down. Fantastical hasn’t shown me one card today.
Is anyone else using this face and experiencing the same issues?

Yea. I’m not sure what voodoo carrot weather is using to show so frequently but I wish he’d disclose it to the rest of the world for all our benefit. Well actually I just wish apple had created something that functioned correctly for all. :man_shrugging:t2:


I agree! I believe carrot has their relevance set toshow updates every hour. I contacted culture code via Twitter and they have their relevance set to show from 12a-11:59p and the rest is up to Siri to decide! If you allow third party integration, leave to the user to decide what is displayed

Yea that might be the issue with Things. I feel like the Siri Face is wanting “timely” cards. The fact that Carrot is surfacing every couple hours for me tells me that Things should have a card that shows upcoming reminders as well as a general card that tries to be relevant every hour as well.

Carrot also has a setting to show more frequently. I turned that on and the card never left my watch face. It was glorious! :grinning:

Same here! Carrots integration is perfect. Love seeing a new card for the next hours weather. I wish Things could adopt this as well. Fantastical updated their app as well and they are suppose to support the Siri face now. I’ve been using it all day and haven’t seen a card yet. This may cause me to return to the built in calendar

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Just curious, what Watch do you have? I have an Apple Watch 1, and after the last update my faces have gone completely insane. I can’t change them, and my productivity one has gone back to the defaults for the watch - yeah, the weather is nice, but I don’t care that it’s sunny when I can see that out my window. :slight_smile:

On my watch the Siri face is basically useless - I don’t even get the amount of features you are describing. Disappointing to say the least.

I have the series 1 as well. Haven’t seen any insane activity. Just not impressed with apples third party inegration. Seems like they didn’t really open the face at all! :roll_eyes:

I was in another discussion channel with a group of people. There were a couple of developers (who shall remain un-named) that said they think Carrot may be accessing some APIs that are available only to Apple and supposedly not authorized for third party developers. We’ve seen oftentimes that Apple’s built-in apps might have some private hooks that gives them an advantage over third party developers.

Apple takes iOS apps through their testing process to make sure it passes their standards. It may be that Carrot found a way to cleverly get into some WatchOS APIs and have it pass Apple’s round of testing.

It’s the beginning stages of the new WatchOS and still littered with some bugs and quirks. So, it should be safe to assume that the other WatchOS developers will quickly catch on.

Otherwise, Apple might reject a future WatchOS app update. Nobody except knows how their testing process is handled and what gets accepted or rejected.


Very interesting. I could understand why Apple wouldn’t give full rein to third party apps. But unfortunately, some of Apples native apps just aren’t that good. I mean, if reminders were an awesome task manager, we wouldn’t spend time playing with the new shiny app. Well…we would probably still download the new shiny app! :joy::joy:

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Fantastical has updated throughout the day for me, but I had to turn off Apple Calendar in the Siri Face. The downside with the cards it surfaced though was that it only did one at a time. With Apple Calendar cards it shows me my entire day as multiple cards that I can scroll through. Fantastical just showed one at a time.

I sometimes wonder if the face gets overloaded with specific types of data and then it denies the 3rd party apps space.

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We’ve seen Apple switch stances and eventually allow APIs to be accessed. We’ll cross our fingers and hope the APIs will eventually open up for others to access.

My wife and daughter happily live in Reminders + Siri. It’s good enough for them. They didn’t care for Things or OmniFocus. Too much for their needs. For some people, Reminders + Siri is “magical.”

WatchOS was just released last month. There’ll be more bug fixes and updates to help the developers.


I turned the apple calendar off as well and I still didn’t see any cards. I even went as far as to uninstall the app on my watch and reinstall. I guess it’s back to Apple calendar for me. :roll_eyes:

I think it’s been a maddening experience with Watch apps not updating. Deleting and re-installing sometimes works and then it stops again. There’s still a bit of friction and work left to get Watch apps working right.


This is what fantastical is now showing me. I’ll be interested to see if it updates throughout the day.


I believe the Carrot default is to show weather in the early AM and again late in the day. You can adjust a setting and make it show more often.

Overall I agree the execution has been lacking. I’m back to other faces until this gets better. Also on a series 1 I find this face is a bigger battery hog.

Apps need to support the Siri watch face. With that in mind, it is my default watch face as I try to get in the habit of using it