Anyone used a disc system for paper bujo

Hi All
Wondering if anyone has used a disc system such as the levenger, The Staples Arc disc system or Atoma notebooks as their planner?
Time to buy a new paper journal (I have a hybrid system using Things and paper for daily and weekly spreads).

I find myself torn between using digital Goodnotes versus physical Paper for my daily and weekly spreads… hoping that a disc system might allow me the flexibility I require in terms of being able to add my own printed pages and move pages around etc!

Thoughts most welcome!

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My daughter loves her Staples Arc notebook. She has the portable hole punch in her backpack and the standard hole punch at home. She bought the full sized US Letter notebook and will hole punch her class papers and homework into it. She carries just the notes she needs. She also created her own stationery. The last time I saw it, she made her own dot grid paper (double sided) and a few custom designed pages with pictures of her favorite celebrities tucked in the corner. She also has printed some mindmaps and PowerPoint slides as her class notes.

I’m half done with my current BuJo and am looking to buy the junior sized notebook. That would be the US Letter size folded in half to make it 8.5"x5.5". I have a bunch of review notes that I’d like to print out and put in the notebook. I’m also interested in making mind maps of boos I’ve read and print them out for the notebook, I’d like to heave a quick review of the book notes. I think I can process it more easily on paper instead of visiting my mind map app.

I gravitate towards smaller notebooks because I’d like to toss it into my messenger bag whenever I go out.

Try the 1" discs first. They’re smaller and fits more easily in a messenger bag. You might try the 2" disks if you want to stuff more paper in. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of fat notebooks. I’ll carry just the preprinted notes I need and a handful of blank sheets.

I trash old notes once I’ve typed them up in My word processor or archive a few select pages if I need to keep them.

I’ve been using OmniFocus for my task manager and have predestined pages in my current BuJo which holds my current week’s schedule plus doing 3 Most Important Tasks as my daily/weekly driver.


That’s really helpful @wilsonng!
For my weekly plans I often do them in mindnode so yes was planning on printing out and putting in disc system. I’ve discovered atoma disc notebooks sold here in UK by They look great …v stylish. Some things in my system remain constant and other elements seem to change quite often …( digital daily spreads in goodnotes vs paper daily spreads mainly… find it hard to settle between paper vs digital paper ) kind of frustrating but I suppose there is always a better way of doing something and one has to experiment a bit.
Thanks again for your response… very helpful

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