Announcing the ERW Discord Community

I've been livestreaming a few times over on the YouTube channel, and have absolutely loved it. (If you missed any of them, they're available on a playlist.) It's been really fun to connect with each one of you in a setting where I can show you how I process through my notes and systems.

This kind of connection is also why we're launching a new Effective Remote Work Discord community. We already have a forum, but I'd love to stimulate more in-the-moment, ephemeral conversation in addition to the long-term discussions on the forum.

If you're interested, I'd love to have you.

JOIN the Discord Community Here


(YouTube) Obsidian: Third Party Plugins -- Obsidian's insider build 0.9.10 now has support for third party plugins. This has the potential to make Obsidian vastly more powerful and customizable for your note-taking needs.

(UPCOMING) Livestream on Friday 11/6 - More Obsidian and productivity system work. Would love to see you there!


How Walking Makes Us Healthier and Happier -- Key Takeaway: Moving around assists your brain in making connections and being creative.

That's all for this week!

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