"Add to Home Screen" on iOS

Something I’ve been experimenting with lately is the use of PWAs (Progressive Web Apps). Discourse is one of these apps, but I noticed when installing the Guild as a home screen icon on my iPhone X that navigation left a lot to be desired.

So in an effort to find a solution, I came up with the following:

I’m sure there are some pieces of this that still need ironing out, but give it a go and let me know what you think.

To add the icon, point your iOS device to the Guild, tap the Share Sheet icon, and choose “Add to Home Screen”.

The spacing on the menu looks really odd on non-iPhone X devices as we don’t have the home bar :slight_smile:

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I think I have a fix for this in place. Give it go and let me know. :wink:

Works great. If only the PWA didn’t make me log in every time :slight_smile: Not sure how to fix that.

I’ve heard a couple folks refer to this on other Discourses. I’ve never experienced it but they seem to have resolved it by reinstalling it. Have you tried that?