A New Experiment with Discourse

How often do I talk about Discourse? Probably too much.

But after considering a discussion about Discourse on the Guild, I thought it would be interesting to give Discourse a chance to unseat Bear, Ulysses, and raw text files in my overall system.

That said, I’m still in the infancy of this experiment, but really liking it so far. It required some fairly significant theme alterations to make Discourse more “single-user” friendly, but that didn’t take too much.

The only downside I’m seeing at the moment is a lack of offline access. But I’m not entirely sure it’s not possible to pull off. I’ll keep exploring that bit.

But surely I’m not the first to try this. If this is something you’ve considered or attempted, would you let me know?

What I’m reading

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly
I saw this book recommended by David Allen a while back. It’s primarily about the overarching concepts that lead to changes in the world of technology.


BW - 44: Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
Knowing your purpose and finding meaning in life can save your life. This episode covers the challenging topic of World War II and escaping concentration camps alive.

WTW - 21: Moving from Tool to Tool
Drew gives Joe a surprise check-in to see how his pen-and-paper task management system is working. A new distraction-less phone is hitting the market, and it leads to a conversation about what distracts us, and the different ways to avoid it.

Books added to the list
A Practical View of Christianity by William Wilberforce
This book came highly recommended in What’s Best Next. I’ve been wanting to read more explicitly Christian books lately so this one may make the list soon.

Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug
As a web developer, I have to say I’m surprised I’ve not heard of this one before. Again, it came recommended in What’s Best Next.

Interesting Productivity Guild topics

The OmniFocus 3 for iOS TestFlight preview
If you’re interested in an early look at the OmniFocus 3 TestFlight, you can get it here. Wilson Ng gives us a sweet inside look at what’s going on with the beta.

[Pro Members] Apple Watch: Abandon, or Embrace?
Did you know I’m not a fan of the Apple Watch? :smile: Justin’s considering leaving his behind. I hope he does.

Stay on Top of Email in 3x Per Day
I’m no fan of email, but Justin has some good tips here for keeping it cleared.

[Pro Members] A Different Approach to the OmniFocus Today Perspective
One of the last big steps I took with OmniFocus before I went analog was to drop my Dashboard perspective. So it’s interesting to see Wilson making some moves towards the Dashboard.

Words That Challenge

How to Make a Great Last Impression | The Art of Manliness

Tech News Has Gotten Religious. It Shouldn’t Be. – The Extratextual


Discourse as a notes app
As mentioned above, this is a fun experiment that I’m hoping sticks. I’ll keep you posted.

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This is a good one, @joebuhlig. Let me know what you think of it! Totally shaped my paradigm around information architecture and the web a decade ago.

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:thinking: This might become bigger than I planned.

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