A More Powerful Way to Schedule Tasks in OmniFocus - Colter Reed

I’m always fascinated by ways that people set up OmniFocus to get things done. And anymore I’ve seen enough systems that it takes quite a bit to strike me as something genuinely new. But this article by Colter lands right in the middle of “new” to me. He may be on to an interesting combination of contexts and a tickler all in one.


Thanks Joe. I saw this article a month or so ago, but didn’t give it a good read. Looking through it now, it looks super promising. I might toy around with it a bit. :smiley:

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This is interesting, but for my tastes, it seems like way too much overhead!

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If it works for Mr. Reed then that’s all that matters. But it is an interesting viewpoint.

Some folks will find our own OmniFocus workflows cumbersome as well :hushed: but it works for us.

That’s why I’m happy to see Things 3 occupy a slightly different niche for those that don’t have the requirements that OmniFocus users have.

I’m with @justindirose on the overhead complaint. That’s just too much.

But at the same time, I’ve found that I tend to write out a notecard for each day of the week with tasks that need to happen each day. If I need to tell a client I’ll do something next Wednesday, I put it on that notecard. But I’m seeing the potential for scheduling a plan for each individual day at a time. Maybe using a 43 folders concept on contexts?

Either way, this has made me stop and reconsider whether or not my current contexts are really valid at all. I seem to work from them less and less as time goes on.


Ok so I’ve tried this for the past week. I find aspects of this that are nice but I’m finding that it is too much overhead for me. But that said, I do want some app or system to keep track of upcoming tasks that I just want to get done that don’t have a hard due date. I like the idea of this setup where only hard deadlines have due times. However this just isn’t practical to me.

One of the beauties of GTD is getting things OUT of my head so I don’t have to remember them but with this setup I have to keep more stuff in my brain. Not good. :grinning:

Anyway, I want to find something that offers the benefits of this setup without the mental overhead.