A hodge-podge of this week's interesting links

Due 3.0 with 3 features released today. More features coming soon.

I have been using Due 2 as a steroid-enhanced version of Apple Reminders.

It’s an in-app purchase to upgrade from Due 2 to Due 3. You can always stick with Due 2 if you don’t need the Due 3 features.

It looks like the developer added three features today (pure black, custom snooze times, haptic feedback) with even more features to be rolled out for Due 3 users.

It’s $4.99 for new users and $2.99 to for Due 2 users to upgrade.

I’ve been using the Due app for those tasks that I don’t need to keep in my task manager. If I don’t need to keep record of a completed task (take out the garbage, for example), I’ll use the Due app.

Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Sometimes, I get into the habit of over-complicating something that doesn’t need it. The more complicated a system is, the easier it is for something to break. Simplifying systems and workflows down to what’s needed can lead to an easier life.

Standing up to your fears

I hate going to my annual checkup. I despise lawn mowing in the heat of summer. I never look forward to the annual employee review. But your fears might be overblown in your mind. Here are a few tips on how to manage the boogie monster lying under your bed. It’s not so scary after all!

Bring value to your relationships and network

Life is difficult when you don’t have friends to help you when you need it the most. Whether you’re a free agent, working for the man, or if you’re a natural introvert, here are 5 reasons why networking can bring value to your life. I can bring value to my friendships and gather up new ideas that I would never have thought about unless I talked to someone about it.

That’s why I love the Productivity Guild. We can share our struggles, questions, and victories together. We can give enthusiasm and encouragement when needed. Ask for help and guidance when you’re stuck.

Your task manager doesn’t have to be a Swiss Army knife!


A great article from Jeff Porten of TidBits. Your task manager (OmniFocus or other apps) doesn’t have to be the do-it-all app. It is one of many tools that can be used together to create your own workflow.

I keep my overall goals and visions in a mind map, checklists in an outline app, and date/events in a calendar app. My task manger holds all of the tasks that I am responsible for.

Each app has a role in your life. When they are all working together, it makes life easier for you.

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Do you have it on your phone & mac?

My work life does not bind me to my desk. So I don’t have Due on my Macs. However, I do walk around the office with the iPhone or the iPad. iCloud syncing makes it easy to update my Due alarms while going around the workplace or outside on errands.

If I return back to a desk job, I would spring for the Mac app.