65: The Curse of Immediacy

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/08/65-the-curse-of-immediacy/

This week, Justin discusses how a mindset of instant gratification does not help you to be effective. Instead, he shares two insights to build better long-term thinking: iteration and process.

Slow down and breathe. Enjoy the process. That’s what I’ve been focusing on. I’ve also placed limits on my social media consumption and have learned to scroll past hot takes that are designed to get a reaction out of me. It’s too easy to get dragged into the world of “if you’re not connected, you’re not in the know.”

Placing limits on my colleague’s expectations have been important. I’ve told them that I check email and social media only during certain time blocks. If you really need something, call me. Otherwise, I’m not gonna sweat it if I missed it in my social media feeds.

This is huge.

It’s sometimes crushing how much others expect out of us. We have to be conscious of not overloading others while being okay telling others who are overloading us – and that’s not just with tasks, but emotionally and mentally too.