63: Rethinking OmniFocus Structure

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/07/63-rethinking-omnifocus-structure/

Justin settles on using OmniFocus on iPad only, and shares his thoughts on restructuring it to use a single list with tags.

It’s always a good idea to simplify a productivity system as much as possible. Over-engineering and overthinking a process can lead to drag. Simplifying folders, projects, and tags have streamlined what was once an overwhelming system that I loathed to work with.

I used to think that my main machine should handle everything but it became tough to shoehorn all of my needs into one device. I’m also getting comfortable with multiple devices for different purposes. There are some tasks that I can do on my iPhone. But there are other tasks that are better done either on my iPad or Mac but not so easily on the iPhone. My disc bound notebook fulfills my daily driver needs while OmniFocus and Fantastical serves as the master database. Each piece works with each other.

Thanks for sharing your setup and its evolution. Our systems will flex to meet new needs or demands…

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