6: 10 Focus-Building Strategies

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/05/6-10-focus-building-strategies/

You understand why focus is important; now how do you actually go about focusing during your day to day? This week, we discuss 10 strategies you can employ to build your focus muscles.

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My daily shutdown ritual gives me my focus to plan tomorrow. Planning the 3 Most Important Tasks and the 1 Big Rock for tomorrow gives me the focus for tomorrow. I have my plan for tomorrow and I can hit the ground running when the day starts. I don’t have to wander around and take 5 minutes to pick the next task from my task manager.

The weekly review gives me the focus to plan the objectives for next week and gives me the guidance to choose the next actions that will contribute to the objectives. Of course, I make room for the daily deluge that brings new unplanned tasks throughout the week.

I think of my planning as a road map to the day or week. As I drive through the day or week, I encounter different situations and make adjustments when I need to. I might encounter a roadblock today but I can quickly address it and still make progress in the general direction I wanted to go to.

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