13: Why Managing Your Emotional Health is Important

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/08/13-why-managing-your-emotional-health-is-important/

Emotional health is often not spoken of in work and productivity circles, but it needs to be. With the advent of work/life integration, taking care of your emotions is just as important as getting the work done — because they affect one another. This week, Justin explores the benefits of increasing emotional health and shares…

Meditation is something that I haven’t gotten a handle of yet. But I heard it takes time to eventually let it click. It helps us with emotional health by delaying any knee-jerk reactions to situations may be stressful to us. If we can delay the knee-jerk reaction, we can stay calm and think before deciding on an action.

I’m also for emotional intelligence. It’s something that I wish more people would look into in this crazy world where many folks want the instant hot-take and jump at some of the crazy news and opinions that pretend to be news.

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I don’t meditate and never have, but having build the habit to stop and recognize what’s going on helps me to more thoughtfully navigate it. Meditation is one tool folks can use to help build this skill, but I also think taking time to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions is a big help too!

The world needs more thoughtful responses and less knee-jerk commentaries :smiley:

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