12 week year structure in OF3

12 week year structure in OF3

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently implemented the 12 week year. Hey m currently using a document to set and track progress however I’m looking for a more set it and forget it approach.

I’m a long time user of OF and have read Kouroush’s book, done Joel’s Course and keep up with OF workflows however I’m struggling to find an elegant solution for implementing the 12 week year in it.

My main gripe is this, I like to have my Today perspective to show just that, Today’s work. However with a nested file structure for 12WY it’s displaying more than I’d like to see.

Basically what I am asking for, is if you have used 12WY as well as OF together what did your workflow look like?

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While it can be a lot to manage, have you looked into using defer dates? You can sort perspectives by defer date. I’ve been using defer dates to plan my work for each day (but only critical work, not all work).

Having a little bit more information on how your setup is structured may help us help you, too.

¿por qué no adjunta una imagen, captura de pantalla, para ver como lo tiene definido?

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I’m seeing OmniFocus and other task managers as the place for my single actions and repeating tasks. I don’t use OF for the 12WY setup. I do use OF to hold my goals/projects and the tasks inside.

But to track progress, I am thinking of using the Agenda app for a 12WY goal/project. I might just move one goal/Big Rock project completely out of OF and into Agenda as a test.

It sounds possible to do 12WY in OF but I’m thinking of Agenda for this instead.

Or it could be possible to have a couple of perspectives for 12WY. The first perspective is grouped by folders and is focused on a single project. It will show available or remaining tasks. I’ll call this perspective “12WY Agenda”. This shows a list of all available actions or remaining actions left in the project for me to work on.

The second perspective is the same as the first but shows Completed. I’ll call this perspective “12WY History”. This perspective shows a history of completed tasks. I can look at this perspective and review what’s been completed and any notes that I have written for completed actions.

I don’t know if I want to have a perspective showing “all actions”. I’l be irritated when I have to scroll past completed tasks just to see my next task to work on.

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