@10ch's iPhone Home Screen

@10ch's iPhone Home Screen

What is the concept behind your home screen? Why did you set it up the way you did?
A couple years ago, I alphabetized my apps in folders based on some advice from Tristan Harris, specifically that I keep only tools on my home screen and launch apps by typing. In the time (spent well!) since, I’ve eliminated all “tools” except for messages and OF, and just keep them in the dock. When I look at my phone, I either see a blank screen or the alphabetized folders.

What are your three most used apps?

  1. Messages

  2. Carrot recently winning over Dark Sky (a must for a bike commuter in a rainy city)

  3. WSDOT (the local ferry schedule you think I’d have memorized already)

  4. Honorable mentions: Noisli and Brian Eno’s Reflection. Both of these apps are probably most “used” in terms of time spent using, but I launch them far less than the aforementioned.

What app should you delete?
I delete apps all the time. I have a very low threshold for deleting apps. For example, when I travel, I have to upload all the apps I need for traveling (I do keep TripIt on all the time), but airlines and AirBNB, that sort of stuff come and go as needed. I install Instagram anytime I want to post a photo and then immediately uninstall it. I wish I could delete Hue or iDevices as the Home app does what I need best, but they are a bit painful to reinstall.

What app would you like to make better use of?
Well, on the one hand, I work hard to use my phone as little as possible, so in a way, I’m happy with my current usage. But on the other hand, I’d like to use Omnifocus more, I think. Right now, my iOS use of OF is pretty much limited to asking Siri to remind me of things so it goes into the inbox (and correcting it or manually entering it if “she” gets it way wrong).

What OS/web app do you wish was on iOS?
Adding a question, hope that’s okay… I wish Tinderbox were on iOS. I have no idea what that would mean and it seems fraught and totally complex, but it would be really nice to have those ideas with me all the time, especially in bored moments where I might drilldown and explore things. I also wish Paperpile was mobile-friendly.

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