057: On Roam Research

Originally published at: https://effectiveremotework.com/2020/04/057-on-roam-research/

Reflections on using a brand new operating system, plus a dive into why Roam Research might be the note-taking tool you’re looking for. Plus we have a brand new resource to help you up your weekly review game.

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I can understand the need to change task managers when a life change occurs. A new job opportunity opens up but I need to change my work task manager to Asana or Todoist because of its collaborative features. But I keep my personal task manager for my personal stuff.

I’m in the camp of not jumping out of a task manager unless I’ve spent at least a good bit of time in it to master some of the nuances and workflows that are present.

Yes, I do agree that we learn about each app’s approach and adopt much of their developer’s mindset/workflow. Then I try to fill in the blanks with my own personal workflow. I can’t expect any one app to fulfill all my needs.

Thanks for the great Weekly Review book when I signed up via email! It’s a great resource and will help me refine my own weekly review. I’m using the book to create and fine-tune my own weekly review checklist. Keeping this checklist on my desk ensures that I’m going through everything and properly getting my task manager up-to-date.

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