047: Tip - Choose a Daily Outcome



When there’s much to do on your list, it’s hard to know when you’ve succeeded. And if the list isn’t done, it can feel like you’re falling behind. One tip can help you get above the chaos: choosing a daily outcome. This week we explain the concept and outline some practical ways you can better frame the success of your day.


Make Time - book
Getting Results the Agile Way - book
Eat That Frog - book

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I love this question and it took me many years to figure out my own personal workflow.

I’ve always thought that I could do timeblocking but my life has an unstructured schedule with walk-in customers coming in and disrupting any well-intentioned plans I had for the day.

Timeblocking works well if your schedule is mostly free from outside distractions. I used timeblocking when I was in college. I had a schedule with all of my college courses. I had the freedom to timeblock for study, library research, group projects, and social time. After my college life ended, having a baby will throw out timeblocking out the window to a large degree. With help from other family members, my timeblocks become smaller and more random.

Currently, I am using the One Daily Outcome aka my Big Frog to Eat. I used to use the 3 MITs (Most Important Tasks) but there are days when I’m lucky to get one MIT done!

Our life changes and we find ways to plan our day. Does anyone else have their own way of choosing what they do?

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