044: Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work (And What You Should Do Instead)



You’ve probably done the dance with New Year’s Resolutions and failed. Why does that happen? And what can you do instead. Justin discusses some alternatives in this week’s episode.


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The 12 Week Year

Atomic Habits

Executive Summary

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

  1. Too long of time scale
  2. Too ambitious
  3. Undefined plan to achieve
  4. Try to take on too much
  5. Defined failure states
  6. Life Happens!

Alternatives to Resolutions

  1. Set goals with shorter timespans
  2. Theme your year
  3. Build habits
  4. Dream big, but only focus on one thing at a time
  5. Change your mindset to be focused on seasons of focus
  6. Don’t define failure states