039: Stop Switching Tools



In productivity, we try to avoid context switching our tasks, but what about our tools?



No transcript this week with Justin being on leave!

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great episode. Really put my tool conundrum into perspective especially for me. I am struggling to find a app/tool that can help me be an efficient GTD’er. I have tested Omnifocus, Things, Amazing Marvin, and now NirvanaHQ. I really like Nirvana though there are some drawbacks to the system and now I am questioning once again, what app to assist me. Your insight has provided some relief and I appreciate you doing us this service.


So glad this helped you out @Brenaud10!

One thing I’ve found helpful is to embrace the constraints of my current tool, then let that lead me into building a workflow around the tool. Sometimes a tool works well for our brains; other times we need to embrace the tool and allow it to shape the way we do things.

Hope that helps!

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